Infernalmachines thumb 05

The Hippie Core Drill Machine drilling though the crowd of hippies.

The Hippie Core Drill Machine is a weaponized vehicle, designed by Eric Cartman, that drills through large crowds of hippies. It appeared in the Season Nine episode, "Die Hippie, Die", where it was seen being controlled by Linda Stotch, Randy Marsh, and Chef.


Initially, it was able to penetrate the crowd with ease, but part of the way though, it broke down due to the large amount of hippies congesting the drill. After Chef exited the vehicle to fix the drill, it was back on its way to the center of the crowd.


  • The vehicle, and it's journey through the large crowd of hippies, is a reference to the Virgil vehicle from the film The Core.


  • "Die Hippie, Die" - Seen drilling through a large crowd of hippies to deliver a Slayer CD to the stage.

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