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"Helen Keller! The Musical"
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Episode no. Season 4
Episode 13
Production no. 414
Original airdate November 22, 2000
Episode chronology
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"Trapper Keeper" "Pip"
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"Helen Keller! The Musical" is the thirteenth episode of Season Four, and the 61st overall episode of South Park. It aired on November 22, 2000.[1]


Cartman goes overboard directing a Thanksgiving production of "The Miracle Worker." Meanwhile, Timmy develops a bond with a runt turkey named Gobbles.


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Plot details follow.

The 4th grade starts a musical about Helen Keller, and Butters warns the 4th grade that the kindergarten has an amazing play. So the 4th grade must outdo the kindergartners. They must pull out all stops and bend over backwards to make the ultimate end all-extravaganza. They need a live turkey for the play to more "Thanksgivingy" and Cartman sends Kyle and Timmy to buy one, but they wind up buying a crippled one because Timmy likes it. Timmy wants it to stay, but Cartman and the professional turkey and her trainer Cartman hired for the play want it gone. Cartman tries to remedy the situation by "accidentally" killing the turkey with a rigged spotlight, but ends up killing Kenny. Later the trainer convinces Timmy to let his turkey out in the wild or else the animal shelter will take him away. Gobbles (the crippled turkey) is let loose, but is quickly taken to a turkey factory to be prepared as food, only to survive because of his handicap. He is then let out where he is spotted by Jimbo and his hunter buddies and then chased. Later after the play starts, Timmy finds out the animal shelter isn't going to take Gobbles, so he goes looking for him and finds him when the hunters corner him. Timmy is then shot in the arm trying to save the turkey, making the Jimbo feel guilty and willing to make it up to him. So near the end of the play, the beautiful turkey that had replaced Gobbles was shot by the hunters, but that ruins Cartman's plan to have it jump through a flaming hoop of fire. Luckily, Gobbles saves the day by jumping through the hoop instead, and the play ends well. It is finally revealed that the kindergartners' play was rather poor, taking half a minute at best and nowhere near as good as Butters made it seem, and everyone ends up mad at Butters for making them go through all that trouble, Butters however thinks the play is amazing, oblivious to all of the angry glares around him.


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  414: "Helen Keller! The Musical" edit
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