"Happy, Happy, Happy" is a song and play shown in the Season One episode, "Mr. Hankey, the Christmas Poo". The song is surrealist and abstruse piece in the style of Philip Glass.


Philip Glass is hired by the South Park Elementary staff to conduct a play with no overt religious or traditional themes. The play is described as "the non-offensive, non-denominational holiday play". The children all wear matching green leotards and walk aimlessly about the stage.

Philip Glass plays music that has no emotional tones with a robotic voice repeating the word "happy". The parents and audience agree that it's a terrible play and proceed to get into an argument over the outcome, even though it is exactly what they had asked for.


As I turn and look into the sun, the rays burn my eyes.
Happy Happy Happy, Everybody Happy
How like a turtle the sun looks.

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