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  • Some of the games in the arcade include Thirst for Blood, Smack Man, Fist Fighter, Farmer's Market, and Gang Wars.
  • The sign at the bowling alley spells Kyle Broflovski's name as Kile Barffloski.
  • The song playing on the radio in Stan's driving game is the song "You and Me, Girl" from the Season Three episode, "Spontaneous Combustion".
  • Heroin Hero and its plot is a reference to the term "chasing the dragon" which is a term for shooting heroine.

References to Popular Culture

  • This episode tells the basic story of the rock band "The Libertines, with Stan taking the place(s) of Carl Barat/Pete Doherty, Kyle taking John Hassall's role, and Thad being Johnny Borell.
  • This episode's name is a pun on the video game Guitar Hero.
    • The songs the boys play in this episode are from Guitar Hero II.
  • This episode parodies the history and common movie formula of bands splitting up and reforming.
  • "Chasing the dragon" in Heroin Hero and its side-effects is a reference to the drug heroin.
  • At the bar in the bowling alley, there is a sign that spoofs Budweiser, calling it Dudwiser.
  • One of the games at the EvGames is a parody of the Capcom game Ōkami.
  • Custer's Revenge, is a real game that caused some controversy in 1982 for being about George Armstrong Custer (a general from the Civil War) the gameplay involved running over to and raping a native American woman up against a cactus.
    • Even though the body of the arcade machine says Custer's Revenge, it should be noted that on the actual screen, the game shown is Breakout.
    • It should also be noted that Custer's Revenge was exclusively an Atari 2600 game, meaning the arcade version shown in this episode doesn't exist.
  • On the cover of Rehab Hero, Paris Hilton can be seen.
  • When Thad quits at the video arcade after an argument over which song to play, he begins snapping and singing "I quit" repeatedly - this is a reference when Jimmy quit his band at the ending of That Thing You Do!.
  • At the game store, magazines show Optimus Prime on the cover.
  • The song Stan and Kyle score 1,000,000 points on is not one of the hardest songs in the real Guitar Hero 2 game.
  • The following songs are featured in this episode:


  • Although Randy is shunned for trying to teach the boys how to play an actual guitar, they are seen playing instruments in various episodes in the series. The gag is based off a real event, according to the creator commentary.
  • During the first shot of Kyle playing Guitar Hero at the bowling alley, when the boys come up to play the game, the microphone is visible during the closeup view, yet absent during the wide shot.

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