"Gortoz A Ran" from the 2001 film Black Hawk Down and soundtrack was used in the Season Twenty episode "Skank Hunt".


The dramatic background music is the backdrop to the South Park Elementary girls deciding to break-up with their boyfriends until the internet troll known as Skankhunt42 is caught. Since all of the boys may be suspects in the cyber bullying.



Gortozet 'm eus, gortozet pell
E skeud teñval tourioù gell
E skeud teñval tourioù gell

E skeud teñval an tourioù glav
C'hwi am gwelo 'c'hortoz atav
C'hwi am gwelo 'c'hortoz atav

Un deiz a vo 'teuio en-dro
Dreist ar maezioù, dreist ar morioù

'Teuio en-dro an avel c'hlas
Da analañ va c'halon c'hloaz't

Kaset e vin diouzh e alan
Pell gant ar red, hervez 'deus c'hoant

Hervez 'deus c'hoant pell eus ar bed
Etre ar mor hag ar stered


I was waiting, waiting for a long time
In the dark shadow of grey towers
In the dark shadow of grey towers

In the dark shadow of rain towers
You will see me waiting forever
You will see me waiting forever

One day it will come back
Over the lands, over the seas

The blue wind will return
And take back with it my wounded heart

I will be pulled away by its breath
Far away in the stream, wherever it wishes

Wherever it wishes, far away from this world
Between the sea and the stars


  • "Gortoz A Ran" was written for the 2001 film, Black Hawk Down. [1]
  • The language in which the song's lyrics were original written in is called Breton, a celtic language native to certain parts of France. [2]
  • "Gortoz A Ran" translates to "I'm waiting."[3]


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