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South Park Season 18 Premiere

Please stop using the name Washington Redskins.

The Go Fund Yourself Commercial was the promotional trailer for the Season Eighteen premiere episode on Comedy Central. It was aired during the Washington Redskins vs Philadelphia Eagles game on September 21, 2014. The promo differs in the color of Dan Snyder's tie and the use of Redskins quarterback Robert Griffin III. However, it is Kirk Cousins who appears in the actual episode to reflect the fact he has replaced Griffin on the field while the latter recovers from an ankle injury. Dan Snyder's voice sounds different from the actual episode.


Team owner Dan Snyder, head coach Jay Gruden, and player Robert Griffin III plead with Eric Cartman to change the name of his Kickstarter company so as not be confused with the NFL team. Cartman refuses his plea and says "Go Fuck Yourself" as he is in the right by using a lapsed copyrighted name and logo.

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