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Cartman and Kenny in the Go Go Action Bronco.

The Go-Go-Action Bronco is a battery-powered toy truck seen in the Season Four episode, "Cartman's Silly Hate Crime 2000".


Kenny McCormick had previously received it as a Christmas present, and used it to take Cartman to Mexico. During the endeavor, the two were "chased" by police because Cartman was a fugitive fleeing from court for committing a hate crime. Since it only ran on D-cell batteries, it ran out of power at the Mexican border.

Cultural Significance

On June 17, 1994, the L.A. police chased O.J. Simpson, and his friend, in a white Ford Bronco going 35 miles an hour on the Interstate 405 freeway.


The Go-Go-Action Bronco is a scaled-down model of an early-90s Ford Bronco. It is painted white, with a blue stripe on the side saying "GO-GO-BRONCO". The vehicle has a top speed of 1mph, and seats two small children.

In the episode The Last of the Meheecans Kenny's Go-Go-Action Bronco is seen used as a US Border Patrol vehicle. The fenders seem removed, and the suspension is raised, but the blue striping is still visible.



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