Girl with Pink Coat is an unnamed female fourth grader who first appeared in the Season Fifteen episode, "1%". She later appeared frequently in Season Nineteen, beginning with the episode, "Where My Country Gone?".


She was initially a background character, only appearing as just another student at the school assembly in "1%". However, in "Where My Country Gone?", she was seen chatting with Leslie Meyers. During the assembly, PC Principal caught them both talking, and ordered Leslie to stop talking. Throughout the rest of the season, she appeared at school assemblies sitting next to Leslie.


She has long dark brown hair, purple pants, and a pink coat with a dark red collar. She appears to be a recolor of Esther, who is also a background character.


Leslie Meyers

She is friends with Leslie, and the two are usually seen talking together, even at school assemblies.


Leslie's friend

Girl with Pink Coat seen at the school assembly.

  • "1%" - Seen at the assembly.
  • "Where My Country Gone?" - Shown in the gym, chatting with Leslie.
  • "Safe Space" - Shown in the gym, again chatting with Leslie.
  • "Tweek x Craig" - Shown in the gym, not chatting but still sitting next to Leslie.
  • "Naughty Ninjas" - Shown in the gym, not chatting but still sitting next to Leslie.


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