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The Frog King (sometimes mistakenly Frog Prince) is an animal ghost that first appeared in the Season Six episode, "The Death Camp of Tolerance".


Frog King is a spirit animal that lives in Mr. Slave's digestive system along with two other spirit animals, Sparrow Prince and Catatafish. He helps Lemmiwinks get out of Mr. Slave's body at the end by escaping through his mouth.

In "Stupid Spoiled Whore Video Playset", the Frog King appears to Paris Hilton after Mr. Slave traps her in his digestive system by stuffing her up his buttocks.

In "Bass to Mouth", the Frog King appeared to Lemmiwinks to warn the rodent that his brother Wikileaks' mischief at South Park Elementary. He trains Lemmiwinks to fight his evil gossiping brother and leads the children to the fight between the two rats.


The Frog King wears a king's crown, unisex robe, and carrying a royal scepter.



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