Frisco Woods is a state park in Colorado. It made its only appearance to date in the Season Fourteen episode, "Insheeption", as the park Mr. Mackey and his class took a field trip to when he was a kid.


Frisco Woods is a large wooded area with many trails. Mr. Mackey's class went on a tour of the woods, which was run by Ranger Pete. On one of the trails is a small cabin that Woodsy Owl used to molest Mr. Mackey as a child. It was this event that traumatized Mr. Mackey causing him to develop a hording habit. Mr. Mackey revisited this event in a dream in an attempt to rid of his hording habit.

Trail Rules


Frisco Woods Trail Rules

The rules, verbatim, for Frisco Woods are as follows:

  1. Walk on designated trails only.
  2. Do not cut corners or cut across switch backs. Do not cross fences.
  3. Do not take plants, plant parts, ferns, twigs or limbs from trees.
  4. It is unlawful to disturb historical or archaeological sites or features.
  5. Do not litter. Pack out what you pack in. Don't be bashful - feel free to pick up litter left by others less considerate.
  6. Carrying or discharging a firearm is prohibited.
  7. Pets must be on a leash or secured at all times
    Do not leave an animal unattended.

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