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  • Excluding Brazil, this episode did not air in Latin America, however the episode was aired after the launch of the Latin American version of Comedy Central and made it available on Netflix with no censorship.
  • For the first time, realistic drawings of the kids are shown. Nico Agnone, a relative of one of the animation crew members, was the model for Stan Marsh and Kyle Broflovski.[1]
  • The Mexican version of NASA was called MASA. The word masa in Spanish means mass or dough.
  • The real-life Mexican space agency is the Agencia Espacial Mexicana, but when this episode aired, it was Satélites Mexicanos.
  • The A.L.F. leader bears a resemblance to PETA founder Ingrid Newkirk.
  • It is possible that sometimes in episodes, the writers draw one-time characters to resemble adult versions of the boys and then kill them off. In this episode, the truck driver that brings the boys to Mexico bears a strong resemblance to Stan. He has black hair and wears a blue baseball hat with a red brim, much like Stan's blue hat with a red border. A similar phenomena is seen in "Grey Dawn", in which a man who looks like a grown-up Kyle is killed by elderly drivers while fishing.

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  • The whale present on the moon has since become a recurring, being shown whenever there is a shot on the moon. Willzyx can been seen in "201" and "Coon 2: Hindsight".


  • When the announcer says "Bunch of retards" at the end of the whale show, the audio doesn't match up with the mouth.
  • Before the gunfight, as the bike-cops (one of whom kneels) order A.L.F. to put away the guns, the moving van driver is first seen to step away and later standing next to them again, as the other one kneels too. Then the leader shouts "Save the whale!" and the shoot-out begins. From that moment, the driver completely disappears. The leader drives the van and he is also not among the shot people who are left on the road.
  • After the whale is sent to the moon and the boys arrive at Kyle's house, on the other side of the street, there's a red and a blue house, both with the same number as Kyle's (1002).
  • Orcas, while commonly referred to as whales, are actually classified as species of dolphin.
  • When the boys sneak into the park to save Jambu, Timmy says his name quietly, but his mouth doesn't move.


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