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Faith + 1 is a Christian rock band formed by Eric Cartman in the episode "Christian Rock Hard", after being expelled from the boys' group, Moop. Cartman formed the band in order to win a bet he had made with Kyle Broflovski over who could get an album to go platinum first.


Faith + 1's lineup consisted of Eric Cartman on vocals and piano, Butters Stotch on drums, and Token Black on bass guitar. After seeing considerable initial success, they were signed by Faith Records.

The group's self-titled debut album, Faith + 1, was a massive success, quickly selling over one million copies. However, as Christian rock albums are either certified gold, frankincense or myrrh, which are the gifts given to Jesus at his birth, Cartman could never win his bet with Kyle. Upon learning this, Cartman furiously exclaims, "Fuck Jesus!", alienating the Christian fanbase and angering his band mates. The group disbanded shortly thereafter.

All of the songs they produced were simply other songs with religious content added to them. Comically, the majority of their songs were unintentionally double entendre's about loving Jesus sexually, as the result of Cartman changing words such as "Baby" and "Darling" in love songs.


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