Episode Sample
An example of a scene, and there should not be any additional formatting or brackets used here.
Stan Marsh
An example of character dialog. [Inline scene direction goes in italics and should be VERY short.] No additional formatting is needed for dialog.
Stan Marsh
If a character has a significant amount of dialog, it should be split up into multiple lines.
Stan Marsh
It's okay to have multiple lines of dialog from the same character on multiple lines.
Do not bold, or enclose scenes in brackets, such as [], {}, or ().
Kenny McCormick
If a character sings, use <poem> and <i> tags to illustrate it.
Kenny McCormick

At sunrise we'll all dance the hempen jig
So raise up your pint of rum and take another swig
The curse of Captain Morgan has led us to this fate
So have no fear, and don't look back, the afterlife awaits

Stan Marsh
It is important to close ALL <poem> and <i> tags, ALL {{ and }} brackets, and ALL '' and ''' marks.
End of Episode Sample