"East Side, West Side" is a song featured in the Season Twelve episode, "Elementary School Musical".


Mr. Garrison is attempting to teach his 4th Grade class the history behind the Berlin Wall. Wendy Testaburger interrupts the class at the mention of the wall separating East and West Berlin. The entire class joins in singing and dancing along, with the exception of Eric Cartman, Kyle Broflovski, and Stan Marsh.


East side, west side, whatever side that you're on.
As long as we care about each other we can still have some fun.
Don't sweat what you might get by assuming the other side as a threat. Each side is right or wrong, we've gotta learn to all get along.
East side, west side, doesn't matter to me.
We've gotta learn to power through, set each other free.

We don't care what other people wear or the way they like to style their hair.
Bridon and Wendy:
Each side is right or wrong, we've gotta learn to all get along.
East side, west side, east side!

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