Drones are remote controlled aircraft featured in the Season Eighteen episode, "The Magic Bush".


Stephen Stotch takes up the hobby of piloting a drone with his son. The hobby turns malicious when Eric Cartman uses it to spy on the neighbors and accidentally records Craig Tucker's Mother Laura Tucker in the nude while in her home. This breach of privacy causes everyone in South Park to purchase drones for a neighborhood watch program.

When this system becomes corrupted, police drones are sent in to watch the neighborhood drones. Randy Marsh's drone, which is painted black while the others are white, is shot down for peeping by a police drone. This action leads to peaceful protests by the other drones. However, when the police drones use excessive force, the drones then break out into full scale riots, and the government sends their drones to end the riots.. Butters and Cartman use an inflatable sex toy in the guise of Laura Tucker to lure all types of drones away from the town thus restoring peace. A banquet is held in Mrs. Tucker's honor, annoying her.

Types of Drones

  • Hobby enthusiasts drones - Quad-copters equipped GPS and cameras. Used for neighborhood watch and peeping in on peoples windows.
  • Police drones - Sent to arrest neighborhood drones for peeping on others.
  • National Guard drones - Sent to break up the protests after the "black drone" was shot down.

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