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Dramatic Look Gopher appeared in the Season Twelve episode, "Canada on Strike", as one of the internet celebrities waiting for their theoretical payments. It appears that the gopher's gaze can cause severe brain damage. The Dramatic Look Gopher was shot by Tay Zonday, who in turn made him explode.

Although the video is called "Dramatic Chipmunk", the character is referred to as "Dramatic Look Gopher" in the episode. It is famous for staring directly at a camera as it zooms in on its face while dramatic music plays.


Dramatic Look Gopher is a brown haired gopher. He is not anthropomorphic and has no distinguishing features.


  • He and The Numa Numa Guy are the only Internet characters that have their original voice (or sound).
  • Dramatic Gopher is one of the only 3D characters in South Park.
  • Despite being called a Gopher and a Chipmunk or a Squirrel, it's actually a Prairie Dog.

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