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Dr. Schwartz is a well-meaning Jewish Rabbi, who first appeared in the episode "Ike's Wee Wee" as the rabbi that performed Ike's bris. He later appeared in "The Passion of the Jew" and in "The Death of Eric Cartman", although with no speaking parts. He also appeared during a crowd scene in "Britney's New Look".

In "Chickenpox", Kyle's Mom calls Kyle's doctor "Dr. Schwartz". They may be the same person. It is unknown if he is related in anyway to Kyle Schwartz. Due to them having the same surname, it is possible they are father and son.


Dr. Schwartz is overweight and wears gold rimmed glasses. He has brown hair with a beard, he has a dark blue sweater and green trousers. Underneath his sweater he wears a white shirt and a black tie.



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