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  • Along with the other children, Cartman is shown to be disgusted by the PETA video of cows being slaughtered, this is contrary to his reaction at the slaughterhouse in "Fun with Veal".
  • The "Douche and Turd" concept is redone in "Member Berries". In the election, Herbert Garrison is the Giant Douche and Hillary Clinton is the Turd Sandwich.
  • The Stevie Nicks goat from "Osama bin Laden Has Farty Pants" can be seen at PETA headquarters.
  • Loogie and Damien can be seen in the school hall.
  • Cartman broke Kenny's cat's leg the week before - he believes this is why Kenny thought the giant douche was funnier.
  • PETA had attacked the school 47 times before the mascot was changed.
  • Shelly repeats Stan's line from "Grey Dawn": "I hate my family"
  • A turd sandwich costume can later be seen in "Hell on Earth 2006".
  • Until "World War Zimmerman", Cartman and Kyle are the only few boys that never got shot.

Vote Statistics

Giant Douche Voters:

Turd Sandwich Voters:

References to Popular Culture

  • When Stan is cast out of town and tied up on a horse with a bucket on his head is a reference to the film Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome.
  • The "Vote or Die!" song and video was inspired by Sean "Puffy" Combs political service campaign, Citizen Change, to encourage the youth to vote. He also had a 2004 tour supporting this cause called "Vote or Die" which had the slogans on t-shirts and bumper stickers.
  • When Cartman pedals the float, Stars and Stripes Forever can be heard.


  • The girls cheerleading at the assembly are still seen in the crowd:
    • When Bebe Stevens is a cheerleader in the assembly, you can see her booing in the crowd next to Wendy. In the close up of Cartman yawning, Bebe is replaced with a brown-haired boy.
  • At the end when Clyde Donovan realizes that the school can go back to using a cow for a mascot, he is standing in front of Bradley and Brimmy. On the following wide shot, though, both Bradley and the other kid can be seen, at the back, but Clyde has disappeared.
  • When Stan is found by PETA, after he is banished, they pour blood on him. However, in the next shot, the blood disappears.
  • When the crowd picks Stan up after it is announced that he is going to vote, the wound on his shoulder disappears, as does his mouth.
  • There are duplicate versions of Lizzy, Bradley Biggle, and Heidi Turner in the crowd of the assembly.


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