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Donald Trump is a businessman who appeared in the Season Five episode "The Entity".


Mr. Garrison, tired of the airline check-ins, designed a new way of transport, known as IT. He invites a group of rich and famous people to view IT. Trump is shown to be impressed with it.


Donald Trump wears a black jacket and a white shirt. He is shown to have wrinkles.


  • There have been many parodies of Donald Trump in the series.
    • In "Where My Country Gone?", a Canadian version of Donald Trump appeared. He built a wall to keep all the Americans out. Mr. Garrison traveled to Canada and fucked him to death.
    • In Season Twenty, due to the Canadian version being killed off, Mr. Garrison replaced Donald Trump in the 2016 election. He realised he doesn't know what he is doing and tried to get people to vote for Hillary Clinton but eventually, due to the Memberberries, became president, like Trump in real life.



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