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Denmark is a country in Northern Europe. It was first mentioned in the episode "Canada on Strike", and made its first appearance in "The Damned".

Canadian Replacements


In "Canada on Strike" the Danish arrived in America as the replacement for the Canadians who were on strike.

They were the ideal replacements for the Canadians, because the Danish have both Canadian and American features, live in a country others can't find on a map, and are considered the Canadians of Europe. Similar to speakers of other Germanic languages, the couple speaks with a Germanic accent and uses the word "ja," which is the Danish word for "yes."

Freja Ollegard


Freja Ollegard was a Danish athlete who first appeared in the season 20 episode "Skank Hunt" where she was getting trolled by Skankhunt42 online after setting up a Danish breast cancer website having survived it herself. At first she ignores the pictures of her with a penis photo shopped into her mouth but eventually commits suicide in "The Damned" due to the trolling.

Following her funeral, Lennart Bedrager declares that the nation will bring down Skankhunt42 by revealing his identity which would hunt him down like their ancestors used to hunt mythological trolls.

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