"Democracy in Cuba" is a song sung by Kyle Broflovski in the Season Four episode, "The Wacky Molestation Adventure".


Kyle's father, Gerald Broflovski gave him a seemingly impossible task of bringing democracy to Cuba, to dissuade him from attending the Raging Pussies rock concert with Stan Marsh, Eric Cartman, and Kenny McCormick.

He sings this song while a montage plays as he writes a letter to the then Cuban president Fidel Castro, to convince him to change from communism to democracy.

His parents are shocked when the letter actually works, making headline news across the country.


And if I had just one wish, just one wish in the whole world,
If I had one wish it'd be for Cuba to change.
Because I think that all the Cubans are in pain
All the joy in the world, from sea to shining sea
Doesn't mean a thing if Cubans aren't free.

I just can't be very happy, that's certain
Not as long as your Cubans are hurtin
Oh, won't you search your soul and find a way to change your mind?
That is my one and only wish.


  • The poem Kyle writes is a spoof of the song "Blue Christmas" in the 1974 Christmas movie The Year Without a Santa Claus.