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For other uses, see David (disambiguation).

David Rodriguez is a male fourth grader. David made his first major appearance in the Season Nineteen episode, "You're Not Yelping". He is a busboy at his father's restaurant, Nueva Familia.


David is a Latino-American from Boise, Idaho. His parents own the Nueva Familia Mexican restaurant in South Park. David pronounces his name with a Spanish accent "Dah-veed." He has a rivalry with Eric Cartman due to his bigotry and ignorance with the saying of his name.


David has straight black hair. He wears a white shirt with navy blue sleeves, gray pants, and black shoes.


  • In "Naughty Ninjas", a citizen reveals David's surname to be Rodriguez.
    • However, on the official South Park Twitter it was revealed that in the original script for "You're Not Yelping", his last name was "Teelez".[1]
  • He is the fourth minority to be a student at South Park Elementary, behind Kevin Stoley, Nichole Daniels, and Token Black.
  • David's character design was taken from a background character seen in "The Last of the Meheecans", when the kids were hitting the piñata. Additionally, a background character with the same design was seen in "Stunning and Brave" when the Syrian refugee children storm the PC Frat House.


  • "The City Part of Town" - Can be seen at the end at Whole Foods, background only.
  • "You're Not Yelping" - David's first major role. His parents are the victim of Cartman's yelping and so is he. Cartman is treating David like a servant at school, making him give him Mexican food and threatening to write bad Yelp reviews about his parents' restaurant if he fails to obey his rules.
  • "Safe Space" - He is seen in the background helping the boys chase Butters, who has gone insane from his job to delete negative social media comments.
  • "Tweek x Craig" - He was seen with the other boys, while they discussed the Asian girls making Yaoi about Tweek and Craig in a relationship and fearing that they may start shipping them too.
  • "Naughty Ninjas" - Helps create the Ninja fort along with Kenny, Token, and Clyde. He is shot by Officer Barbrady, but survives. As a result Officer Barbrady is fired from his position for a second time.
  • "Truth and Advertising" - Seen sitting in the classroom.
  • "PC Principal Final Justice" - Seen standing in the crowd of people in front of the Whole Foods Market.
  • "Member Berries"- Seen at the school assembly.
  • "Skank Hunt" - Seen in the school's library.
  • "Oh, Jeez" - Seen at the school assembly.


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