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For other uses, see David (disambiguation).

David Hasselhoff is an American actor who is popular for his role as Micheal Knight in the 1980 film, Knight Rider. Mr. Garrison takes the appearance of David Hasselhoff after having plastic surgery in the episode, "Tom's Rhinoplasty". In the episode, "Cartoon Wars Part I", an episode of Family Guy is seen where Peter Griffin talks about the time he auditioned for the role of KITT from the Knight Rider.



Mr. Garrison as he appears with a live-action face of David Hasselhoff.

David Hasselhoff, as he appeared in the Family Guy parody, wore gray pants and black belt with a large, metal belt buckle. He also wore a leather jacket over a red, collared button up shirt that was partially unbuttoned. He has brown, curly hair and brown eyebrows.

South Park: The Stick of Truth

  • A player can have his appearance changed by going to Tom's Rhinoplasty clinic, just like Mr. Garrison.

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