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For other uses, see David (disambiguation).

David Blaine first appeared in the Season Five episode "Super Best Friends", as the leader of the suicide cult religion, "Blaintology" who view his magic tricks as holy "miracles". He considers himself God, but the Super Best Friends halt the suicides and destroy Blaine's giant Abraham Lincoln statue with their own giant John Wilkes Booth statue. Blaine escapes with a jet.

Blaine appears again in the Season Seven episode, "Krazy Kripples", as a member of Christopher Reeve's Legion of Doom. His most recent appearance was in the episode "201", as one of the celebrities who is suing South Park.


David Blaine has short black hair and his facial hair is growing in. When doing street magic, he wears black pants, a black long-sleeve shirt, and black shoes. When running his religion he wears a white t-shirt which buttons up and has a collar.



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