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  • D-Yikes! is a play on the term 'dykes'.
  • The address for Les Bos is 13280, which stands for LEZBO in leet.
  • Mrs. Garrison and Allison can be seen kissing for a single frame just before they start scissoring.
  • Before the sex change, Garrison states that Mexicans are useless and even tries several times to have them kicked out of town. In this episode, she goes to the Mexicans for help spying on the Persians.
  • When Mrs. Garrison tries to convince Mayor McDaniels to help them stop the Persians from buying the Les Bos bar, the Mayor says "You're a lesbian now?" because of the seemingly frequent gender and sexual preference changes that Garrison makes.

References to Popular Culture

  • Mrs. Garrison assigns the class the book The Old Man and the Sea to read, which is a short novel and its plot is heavily summarised in the episode by the Mexicans.
  • Nearly all of this episode parodies the movie 300 including Mrs. Garrison's "This is Les Bos!", a parody of the movie's line "This is Sparta!", as well as it's heavy use of slow-motion.
  • The logo on the treadmill Mr. Garrison is using is similar to the logo for the video game Portal.
  • All of the music heard in Les Bos is by The Indigo Girls.


  • In the past episodes, there was confusion if Ms. Garrison's first name was still Herbert, but it is revealed in this episode that he changed it to Janet.
  • This is the last appearance of Pip Pirrip until his death in "201".
  • In "Tom's Rhinoplasty", the boys don't seem to know what a lesbian is, but in this episode, they do.


  • The sign outside of Les Bos that reads "Ladie's night every night" is punctuated incorrectly. It should be "Ladies' night every night".
  • In the last scene, Pip is seen in his seat in the first shot. When the students are shown in their seats again a few seconds later, Jimmy has replaced Pip.
  • Despite Cartman telling the Mexicans in Spanish to write essays, La samaraisia (summary), the Mexicans write their "eses" instead of the essays the boys need. This is because "samaraisia" is not a Spanish word. The correct words would be ensayo (essay) and resumen (summary).
  • When Janet Garrison and Allison are in the bathroom, the bathroom stalls are on Allison's right. But when the camera focuses on Allison the stalls are on her left.

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