The Cthulhu Cult Leader is a strange man that buys lemon bars from Coon and Friends in the Season Fourteen episode, "Mysterion Rises".


The Cult of Cthulhu meetings are said to be held at Jim McElroy's house, this could be the cult leader's name. His goal of worshiping Cthulhu will bring the dark lord out of his sleep, so as to rule the Earth as it was foretold in the Necronomicon.


The Cult Leader wears yellow pants and black belt with a metal D-style belt buckle. He also wears a gray jacket over a blue collarless, button-up shirt and black shoes. He has a bowl-style haircut, shaved hair on the sides of his head with flat hair on top, and he has black eyebrows.

When he is conducting his cult meetings, he wears a black full body robe with a white anarchy symbol painted on the left breast. The hood of the robe covers the top half of this face.


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