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Cornwallis Hankey
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Character Information
Gender Male
Hair N/A
Age Unknown
Occupation Unknown
Religion Christian
Voiced by Trey Parker[1]
Father Mr. Hankey
Mother Autumn Hankey
Brother Simon Hankey
Sister Amber Hankey
First "A Very Crappy Christmas"

Cornwallis Hankey is one of Mr. Hankey's children. He is presumed very smart, but he is conflicted with being a poo. He only appears in the Season Four episode, "A Very Crappy Christmas".


Cornwallis is a talking piece of excrement with an orange and blue hat, glasses, gloves and an orange scarf.


Cornwallis is deeply conflicted by being a poo, he doesn't see the bigger picture. His father, Mr. Hankey, sings him a song about it but later reveals he only did so because he wanted to "stop his bitchin'".

South Park: The Stick of Truth

He plays a minor role in Mr Hankey's quests, you must rescue him from hobo's and return him to Mr. Hankey and Autumn.


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