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City Wok is a Chinese restaurant and small commercial airline. It is run by Tuong Lu Kim and was first seen in the Season Six episode, "Jared Has Aides".


When Tuong Lu Kim pronounces the name of the restaurant, it sounds as if he says "shitty wok", due to his thick accent. Other South Park residents and reporters have called it "shitty wok" as well.

According to the DVD commentary on the episode "Jared Has Aides", City Wok is a real restaurant in Los Angeles. The staff of South Park Studios have ordered take out from in the past. The name is used with permission.

City Airlines

City Airlines is also owned by Tuong Lu Kim. When someone called for City Airlines, Lu Kim changes the logo board to City Airlines and put on a pilot cap. He had only one airplane, which crashed. It was a yellow Cessna with a tail number 432G.

Cock Magic Fights

The janitor at South Park Elementary reveals the City Wok holds real fights with real brutality in their basement. The fighting is really roosters playing the card game Magic: The Gathering (CCG) for a $5.00 dollar admission.

Video Games

South Park: The Stick of Truth

City Wok is involved in the game The Stick of Truth, where it functions as a shop and offers a side-quest.


City wok

The interior of City Wok with Tuong Lu Kim behind the counter.

Outside 'City Wok' is styled in a traditional Chinese decor and inside there are two partitions. One is the counter where you purchase food and Tuong Lu Kim stands to serve customers and receive orders via the telephone. The other partition is the seating which has tables and chairs where customers may eat their meal.


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