City Sushi was a Japanese fast food sushi restaurant that appeared in the episode "City Sushi". It was built next to City Wok, much to the jealousy of Tuong Lu Kim. It was crushed by the body of its owner, Junichi Takiyama, when he committed suicide by jumping off the Tower of Peace.

In Lu Kim's plan to eliminate City Sushi, he tricked the owner of City Sushi by saying to go to an "Asian Diversity" presentation, in which Lu Kim ripped on the Japanese.

Tuong later tried to kill Takiyama by throwing him off the Tower of Peace, however Junichi managed to resist. Ironically, however, Takiyama threw himself off the tower in shame after learning that he had mistaken an American, Dr. William Janus, for a Chinese man.

In South Park: The Stick of Truth the destroyed remains of City Sushi can be seen.

Despite its apparent destruction at the end of the episode, City Sushi still appears in the show's opening.

Its premises are now occupied by Skeeter's Wine Bar, as shown in "You're Not Yelping".


The inside of City Sushi is similar to an Asian-owned restaurant in Orgazmo. It has two maneki-neko statues flanked in the front.