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The Cirque Du Cheville is a circus featuring alternative arts and "street" entertainment. It made its only appearance in the Season Four episode, "Quintuplets 2000". It is a parody of the Cirque Du Soleil.



The Cirque Du Cheville is within a large, red and white-striped circus tent with tan and orange flag poles sticking out of its top. The flagpoles hold small, purple flags. There are four ticket booths resembling the tent in front of main tent. "Cirque Du Cheville" is printed in a very intricate design on a black and tan sign attached to the tent. There is a single entrance, a large opening with an equally long, purple carpet protruding from it.



The Cirque Du Cheville's interior.

The Cirque Du Cheville's interior consists of a large, tiled, blue stage with a single exit for the performers. This stage is surrounded by large benches for the audience.

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