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Character Information
Gender Male
Age Unknown (deceased)
Occupation Wizard
Voiced by Trey Parker[1]
First "The Death Camp of Tolerance"

Catatafish first appeared in "The Death Camp of Tolerance". He helped Lemmiwinks and presumably Paris Hilton escape Mr. Slave's digestive system. In "Bass to Mouth" he appears to the South Park Elementary students and tells them all about Wikileaks. He also tells them that he too was a victim of cyberbullying because Wikileaks allegedly published a false story about Catatafish raping a teenage fish and making her place her mouth on his butt, which he calls "bass to mouth". Catatafish tells the students to get Lemmiwinks so they can stop Wikileaks from posting a story on the internet that would destroy the reputation of South Park Elementary forever.


Catatafish a ghostly wizard catfish wearing a samurai helmet and armor shoulder pads. He carries a katana in its sheath, a trident in his hand, and a gun in his other hand. He appears to be an older catfish judging by his long whiskers and he uses his side fins as arms.




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