The Cartman Residence is a place of residence in South Park. Its first appearance was in the Season One episode, "Cartman Gets an Anal Probe".


External Appearance

Cartman's house looks the same as the other houses in South Park. In its earlier appearances it was shown a brown color but it became green in later episodes.

S1E2 Cartman Brown Residence

The first version of Cartman's house, as seen in "Volcano".

Internal Appearance

The rooms inside the house include a living room, a well stocked kitchen, a bathroom, a dining room, a very large basement and at least two bedrooms. The yellowy-tinted family picture is a remnant from the pilot episode; this was how it looked when the animators cut-and-pasted the show together with construction paper back in 1997 and, though they switched to computer generated animation, it is how they wanted to keep the show looking as the seasons went on.

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