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"Canada on Strike" is a song sung by all of the people of Canada in the Season Twelve episode, "Canada on Strike".


The citizens of Canada are persuaded to strike by the World Canadian Bureau President, Stephen Abootman. The Canadians wanted more money from the rest of the world and they would do nothing until their demands were met. All of Canada celebrates in the streets over the victory they believe will surely come.


Canadian 1:
Canada on strike!

Canadian 2:
Canada on Strike!


Canada on strike!
Canada says "no more!"
No more neglect! We want respect!
That's what we're striking for.
All you bureaucrats and corporate cats

Canadian Border Officer:
Can all just take a hike!

It's Canada on strike!

Canada on strike!
From Vancouver to St. John's,
We raise our middle fingers up for you all to sit upon!
And with our fingers up your ass you won't be very psyched!
It's Canada on strike!

And we will not bow or budge.
Our resolve is strong.

We even took three hours to rehearse this striking song!

Canada on strike!
No matter where you are!
If you are Canadian, than you've got do your part!
March out from the halls!

Canadian 3:
That's right, suck my Canadian balls!
It's Canada on strike!

It's Canada (Canada, Canada, Canada)
On Strike!

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