Call Girl is the superhero alter-ego of Wendy Testaburger. Her first appearance is set to be in the upcoming video game "South Park: The Fractured but Whole".

South Park: The Fractured But Whole

She sides with Mysterion, Toolshed, Tupperware, and Wonder Tweek. [1]

Official Ally Description

A Gadgeteer and white-hat hacker with a heart of gold, Call Girl viciously trolls crime on social media and IRL. Equally adept at doxing, trolling, and debuffing.


Call Girl is a Gadgeteer.

Beginning with her ultimate, her in-game powers are listed below, with their official names and descriptions.

  • Flash Mob - Damage and Defence Down to all foes.
  • Selfie-Stick Strike - Whack a foe and apply Slow.
  • Phone Destroyer - Damages and inflicts Defence Down.
  • Blocked - Gain Block and Enrage a foe.


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