Cafeteria Fraiche is an imagined television cooking show hosted by Randy Marsh. It first appeared in the Season Fourteen episode, Crème Fraiche.


Randy has a dream of emulating his heroes of the Food Network by demonstrating to the audience how to cook various meals. While he cooks, he gets more and more aroused, at one point saying "Ohhh, ohh that's so fuckin' hot".


La lalala la la..
Lalalalala la, fraîche, fraîche.
Crème fraîche, Cafeteria Fraîche. Lalalalala fraîche. Ho ho hohoho.
Fraîche. Cafeteria Fraîche.


  • The song's style and vocals closely resemble those of "Trololo", a Soviet-era song by Eduard Khil that became an Internet meme.