"Burn Down Hot Topic" from the Season Twelve episode, "The Ungroundable". The song was playing as the Goth Kids were seen burning down the Hot Topic.


Butters Stotch, believing he is a real vampire, requested the help of the Goth Kids to destroy the Hot Topic at the South Park Mall, in order to break his curse. The South Park Vampire Society used the store to turn other kids into vampires with its clothes and accessories. If the store were to be destroyed then all of the "vampire" children would start dressing in their regular clothes again.


Burn down down, burn down Hot Topic.
Don't let it steal your soul away.
Burn down, burn down Hot Topic.
Light the fire. Take control.
Burn down, burn down Hot Topic.
Don't let it take your soul.
Burn down, burn down, burn down Hot Topic.
And take control.
Burn down... Hot Topic.
Burn it down... Hot Topic.

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