Buddha is the founder of Buddhism. He is a member of the Super Best Friends. His first appearance was in "Super Best Friends". In the episode "200" he is shown to be snorting Cocaine in front of the Super Best Friends as well as Stan and Kyle to which Jesus says "Buddha don't do coke in front of kids!" He appeared again in episode "201".


Buddha has blond hair in a bun. He wears a black necklace and an orange robe. As of "200", Buddha has a more newer appearance. His skin, hair, and robe are slightly more darker in color and there are two yellow strands of fabric attached to the sleeve of his robe.


He is shown to be heroic, being a member of the Super Best Friends. This is further evidenced by him trying to help defeat David Blaine. Though in "200" and "201" he was snorting cocaine which made Jesus yell at him and Buddha argued about Jesus watching pornography.

Powers and Abilities

He is said to have the power to turn himself invisible, but he's never shown to perform this feat. He also has the power of flight.



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