Buca de Faggoncini is an Italian restaurant in South Park that was first seen in the Season Nine episode, "Erection Day". It has been seen in a few episodes throughout the series whenever a 'fancy restaurant' was needed as a backdrop.


In "Erection Day", Eric Cartman uses a two-way radio and headphones to tell Jimmy Valmer what to say on his date with Shauna, which ends in disaster. Jimmy returns a second time with a hooker named Nut Gobbler, believing he has to take her out to dinner. Her pimp shows up at the restaurant and attempts to claim his money from Nut Gobbler, claiming she is wasting time with Jimmy.



  • The proper Italian spelling for the restaurant should be Buca di Faggoncini.
  • According to the Season Nine DVD commentary, the design of the Buca De Faggoncini is based on the real restaurant chain, Macaroni Grill.