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Bubb Rubb, real name Lynell Griffin, appeared briefly in "Canada on Strike", as one of the internet celebrities waiting for their theoretical payments. He may or may not be deceased because he was not seen fighting or dead.

He is famous for his 2003 interview on San Francisco Bay Area news channel KRON-4. He was interviewed about the popularity of "Whistle Tips", which are a small metal addition to an automobile's exhaust system that causes the car to "whistle" when driving normally. He was interviewed as his car was being outfitted with a whistle tip. The manner in which he provided responses to the interviewer is what made him an internet sensation. Some of the quotes from the interview, which have become memes in them-self are,

  • The whistles go WOO WOOOOOOO!
  • That's only in tha mowrnin', he's supposed to be up cookin' breakfast or somethin' it's like an alarm clock.


He has short, black hair, and wears an Oakland Raiders knit beanie. (in the show it's only view says "RAY" instead of "RAIDERS") He also appears to be slightly obese. He wears a black football jersey with number 53 (Rod Martin) on it, a brown coat, light brown pants, and a white earring on his right ear.

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