"Bu Bu Budio" is a parody of Phil Collins's popular song "Sussudio" and featured in the Season Four episode, "Timmy 2000".


Phil Collins is the headliner of the Lalapalalapaza concert after breaking up the Timmy and The Lords of the Underworld by convincing Skyler to quit.

The whole town has been using the Ritalin medication for attention deficit disorder. This causes everyone to become boring and enjoy Phil Collins music. He performs two songs at the concert; "Bu Bu Budio", and "You Will be in...Me", which is a parody of his Oscar winning song "You'll Be in My Heart" from the Tarzan Soundtrack. During the final song Chef gave everyone in the audience Ritalout making everyone realize how boring Phil Collins was.


Bu Bu Budio:

Oh, Bu bu Budio, that's not a word bububudio.

You'll be in...Me:

Deep inside of me, deep inside of me, so deep inside I can feel you pushing against my heart.


(singing along in the audience) You'll be inside of me.