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Britney at the MTV Awards

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South Park song
"Britney at the MTV Awards"
Written by: Trey Parker
Performed by: Trey Parker
Episode: "Britney's New Look"
Download: MP3

The Britney Spears performance at the MTV Awards is parodied in the Season Twelve Episode, "Britney's New Look".


Britney Spears' top half of her head is missing due to an attempted suicide. Her manager tells her to sing at the awards show anyway, which sounds like a garbling and choking.


  • Britney sings her song "Gimme More" at the real MTV Video Music Awards September 9, 2007.
  • The VMA's was Britney's comeback performance since semi-retirement in 2004.
  • Chris Crocker became famous on YouTube for defending Britney's awkward, stiff performance at the real Video Music Awards. He was featured two episodes later in "Canada on Strike".

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