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  • Yandere100


    June 20, 2016 by Yandere100

    hello im yandere100 i like south park and i cant wait for the new game the fractured but whole my favrite charecter is the coon from the fractured but whole

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  • HighJewElfKing

    Recently, I have been moving to Denver, however I did manage to pay a visit to New York City. With a love for South Park, I decided to see a Broadway musical, and I (Of course) wanted to see Trey and Matt's musical "The Book Of Mormon". 

    Before I start let me say if you have a chance to see it, I recommend seeing the New York City version, but if it is on tour in your town, go see it you will not regret it. So I'd give this musical a 10 out of 10 and heavily recommend it and also if you do wish to see it, I recommend you do not read further as this blog will contain spoilers. 

    The musical is about two Mormon kids who get their mission to recruit people to the Mormon religion. The main character known as Elder Price wanted to have his mission …

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  • Jamesb1

    6 days

    June 8, 2016 by Jamesb1

    When did the creaters first start making South Park within 6 days?

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  • StanFord85

    The Dream Voice of Gingers is imagination, the voice for Scott Tenorman will Alex Hirsch (Creator of Gravity Falls).

    • Kate Higgins : Kyle Broflovski
    • Brian Drummond : Eric Cartman (in Gingers Kids)
    • Alex Hirsch : Scott Tenorman
    • Tara Platt : The Ginger Separatist Movement
    • Vic Mignogna : Thomas Tucker
    • Wendee Lee : Sheila Broflovski, Lisa Cartman, The Ginger Separatist Movement
    • Rob Paulsen : Timmy Burch
    • Christine-Marie Cabanos : Red, The Ginger Separatist Movement
    • Thurop Van Orman : Gordon Stoltski
    • Kira Vincent-Davis : Carol McCormick, The Ginger Separatist Movement
    • Tia Ballard : The Ginger Separatist Movement
    • Bryn Apprill : The Ginger Separatist Movement
    • Megan Shipman : The Ginger Separatist Movement
    • Cristina Vee : Milly, The Ginger Separatist Movement
    • Hilary…

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  • StanFord85

    The Dream Voice of Coon and Friends is imagination, the voice for Mystérion will Eric Newsome (voice of Meta Knight) and the voice TupperWear will Gary Anthony Sturgis.

    • Eric Stuart : Toolshed
    • Kate Higgins : The Human Kite
    • Brian Drummond : The Coon
    • Eric Newsome : Mysterion
    • Todd Haberkorn : Mosquito
    • Gary Anthony Sturgis : TupperWear
    • Rob Paulsen : Iron Maiden
    • Vic Mignogna : Mint-Berry Crunch

    • Tom Kenny : Captain Hindsight

    • Brook Papenbrook : Professor Chaos
    • Brittney Karbowski : General Disarray
    • Kenny James : Cthulhu
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  • Aguziel

    I apologize everyone, I screwed up the featured article page by not tagging it correctly. This means there will be no article for April until this is sorted out. I changed the tag from non-article, which was why the edit button no longer appears, to context-link, which hopefully will automatically reset it for editing at a later date. Soory.

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  • Scout Trooper 164

    Dear Journal, it's nice to write once again after doing a bit of work, as well as listening to some cartoons. I've been sitting here, in my new desk that's in my new home.

    I just moved to South Park, Colorado because I just got tired of living in the woods were bears would try to eat me alive.

    Some kids were outside my house the other day, four boys,(not suprising).

    Stan Marsh, wearing that puffball hat looking like he just got out of being a psycho.

    Kyle Broflovski, the only jew child in the town who had a ton of voice you'd love to stick your dick in.

    Eric Cartman, the fat, and rascist boy who believed he was better than the others like he was a senator.

    And of course, Kenny, the parka-wearing kid who looked as if he kept dying and returning.


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  • Commander Douchebag

    I recently finished watching every episode of South Park in order of air date. Whilst watching the episodes, I took note of how old the boys were mentioned to be. I have created a table that displays how old the boys were when said episode took place.

    Episode Age
    Volcano 8
    An Elephant Makes Love to a Pig 8
    Starvin' Marvin 8
    Damien 9
    Tom's Rhinoplasty 8
    Cartman's Mom is Still a Dirty Slut 8
    City on the Edge of Forever (Flashbacks) 8
    Clubhouses 8
    Spookyfish 8
    Merry Christmas Charlie Manson! 8
    Gnomes 8
    Sexual Harrassment Panda 8
    Hooked on Monkey Fonics 8
    Are You There God? It's Me, Jesus 8
    Cartman's Silly Hate Crime 2000 8
    Cartman Joins NAMBLA 8
    Probably 8
    The Wacky Molestation Adventure 8
    Scott Tenorman Must Die 8
    Cartmanland 9
    Proper Condom Use 8
    Kenny Dies 8

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  • Zachary bee

    Fan Ficton Contest

    March 13, 2016 by Zachary bee

    Hello I'm someone you never heard of. I am making a SP Fan Ficton contest here some tips. Rule 1:The main Character could be your favorite character. Rule 2:You can Make a fan made crossover. Rule 3:Insulting me [Zachary Bee] is not allowed. Rule 4:You can add yourself in your fan fic. and Rule 5:Put your fan fictons down below the comment selection. Read all these rules and you can Finish your fan fic in no time. The Contest Ends:may 13th

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  • Lt Snow 911

    Hi Everyone

    March 10, 2016 by Lt Snow 911

    Hi everyone, I've been a member of the wiki since Feb 2016 and I'm keen to help out as much as possible to contribute to the wiki.

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