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  • Scout Trooper 164

    What can I do?

    August 23, 2016 by Scout Trooper 164

    What can I do? What type of way can I contribute to the wikia? Many of the things that happen include me just reading what people did before me, and yet I wonder what difference I could've made. So in a sense, what can I do to make things non Inactive on my page. It's like a big question mark on the back of my head.

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  • HighJewElfKing

    Wiki Updates

    August 20, 2016 by HighJewElfKing

    Hello South Park Editors, this is a update on the wiki as some changes are being or have been made.

    1. New Infobox Style: Pages now have a larger infobox on the side of the page to improve readability, especially on tablet devices and small computer screens. (Some articles and pages may not have a new infobox style yet, please give the change time and let us know in the comments if you see any pages that need re-adjusted from the infobox change)
    2. Category Changes: If you are not aware by now, Admins are cracking down on boosting and category editing. Please read the wiki rules before adding categories to pages on the wiki.
    3. New Chat Room: As outlined in this blog post: Updated Chatroom Features will bring new improvements to the wiki chat room by …

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  • Star jam167


    August 16, 2016 by Star jam167
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  • HighJewElfKing

    Hello South Park editors! With just 38 days until the Season 20 premiere! I am excited to let editors know that our wiki's chat room will be improved. I am working on chat room improvements that should be available just in time for the premiere of Season 20.

    Here are some of the improvements you can expect:

    • South Park themed emoticons available from a options menu in the top of the chat window.
    • Chat room commands (Such as typing in '!quit' to leave chat)
    • New chat room background
    • Improvements for widescreen/tablet viewing of chat.
    •  A Chat Room Bot
    • Chat Options Feature (Customize font size etc. for individual users to set)

    I believe these changes won't be anything drastic for anybody who regularly uses the chat, the purpose of these new features is t…

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  • HighJewElfKing

    South Park now has an official app that was announced during the South Park 20 experience at Comic-Con in San Diego.

    You can see clips, set reminders when episodes come on and view character quotes. Starting in September you can login with a TV Provider (USA Only) to watch South Park episodes from the app. 

    Just search for "The Official South Park App" on Google Play or the Apple App Store to download. Remember you can also view South Park Archives on your mobile device by going to the wiki on your mobile device's browser. The mobile version of SPA does not allow editing, but you can still read articles, which have been optimized for mobile device reading.

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  • HighJewElfKing

    Just a heads up for anybody who will be in San Diego and was thinking about attending Comic-Con on the 21st-24th of July. According to a blog post on the South Park website, there will be a South Park event taking place at Comic-Con, called "South Park 20 Experience". 

    You can read the blog post here for more information.

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  • XD1
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  • Yandere100


    June 20, 2016 by Yandere100

    hello im yandere100 i like south park and i cant wait for the new game the fractured but whole my favrite charecter is the coon from the fractured but whole

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  • HighJewElfKing

    Recently, I have been moving to Denver, however I did manage to pay a visit to New York City. With a love for South Park, I decided to see a Broadway musical, and I (Of course) wanted to see Trey and Matt's musical "The Book Of Mormon". 

    Before I start let me say if you have a chance to see it, I recommend seeing the New York City version, but if it is on tour in your town, go see it you will not regret it. So I'd give this musical a 10 out of 10 and heavily recommend it and also if you do wish to see it, I recommend you do not read further as this blog will contain spoilers. 

    The musical is about two Mormon kids who get their mission to recruit people to the Mormon religion. The main character known as Elder Price wanted to have his mission …

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  • Jamesb1

    6 days

    June 8, 2016 by Jamesb1

    When did the creaters first start making South Park within 6 days?

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