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  • JenniferMarsh

    A Guitar Queer-O Parody

    November 25, 2015 by JenniferMarsh

    Stan and Kyle play Guitar Queer-o (a parody of Guitar hero) and think its time to move on to a real guitar. They decide to start a band and practice. Stan hasn't really played a real guitar and doesn't use it right. One day while they were practicing, Stan bumps into Kyle, Falls and Breaks his hand, Then is guitar breaks and one of the string that broke split Stan's hand. Stan ended up in the hospital and Kyle is very mad. The 3 boys (due to Stan being in the hospital) wait at the bus stop as usual. Kyle says he is mad and tells Cartman and Kenny its all because of Stan having a very bad injury on his hand. At school Kyle starts crying and Kenny tries to comfort him. 2 days later on Friday after school Kyle goes to see Stan in the hospital…

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  • RosesRed8


    November 23, 2015 by RosesRed8

    It's a miracle! I was editing Kenny's article, when it told me to stop, because somebody else was editing at the same time. I was worried, so I restart, and Kenny's WHOLE article returned. Thank you to WHOEVER did this, may you be respected by lots :)

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  • RosesRed8

    It has come to my attention that the article for Kenny McCormick has been totally cleared out. Everything is removed. There is only one tiny piece left, and all it says is 'Dead'. I'll show a picture, and I think I might have the culprit. Idk, I MIGHT have. Look at the picture (Below). We need to tell everyone about this, so we can re-edit Kenny :'(. He's my favourite.

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  • Kylebrovninteynine


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  • RosesRed8

    I was going on the handedness page, and I look at all of them. It says that Kenny is right-handed. Are they sure? I saw him writing with his left hand. If you look at the photo (right), he's holding the pen in his left hand. But, i think he is also right handed. 

    Here, in the photo (left), here is Kenny with his hand sticking up. Sorry, the photo is a bit after the actual part, but Kenny was writing with his right hand. Should we change to 'Ambidextrous', or leave it as 'right-handed'? 

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  • Epicshawty

    Hey so when we do a south park character template, I put "|birthday" and it shows "date of birth" AND "birthday". however when i put "|date of birth" it just shows date of birth. is this an error?

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  • RosesRed8

    Return of The Mole

    October 31, 2015 by RosesRed8

    I really miss the Christophe from South Park; Bigger, Longer & Uncut. I know he got mauled by guard dogs (the saddest part of the movie), but remember when Kenny made a wish, for everything to go back the way it was? That means Christophe would be brought back from the dead, and they should have episodes with him in them. Kenny and Christophe are my favourite characters, staying favourite, not moving. Peace out. -RosesRed8

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  • RosesRed8

    I wonder what new ideas they are going to think of for Season 20. Sure, the 19 hasn't even finished yet, but I'm guessing something in this list will make it onto South Park for the 20th Season.

    1. The Political Correctness vs the others.

    2. Another Kenny/McCormick episode

    3. New character

    4. Maybe they might let all the great fans write the new season? :O

    5. More of Cartman

    6. More of Randy

    7. New couple? o_0

    8. Someone significant dies

    9. More of Kyle and Stan

    10. Something to do with Kevin McCormick and Shelly -cough,cough-

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  • Aguziel

    I Am A Failure

    October 26, 2015 by Aguziel

    I feel like a failure trying to maintain the integrity of this wiki.

    It is difficult to make new pages and edit mostly by myself without any guidance or communication.

    There used to be a great team here that worked together to keep the content up to date.

    My decisions have been harmful to the website, like changing the templates for phones and tablets incorrectly.

    There is a new editor group contributing but the level of expertise is not what it once was.

    Being the only active admin here, and being a lazy one at that.

    What was once a fun hobby is currently stressing my patience.

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  • Kidsnewsnairobi7yearold

    I can hardly believe that Creek has finally been acknowledged!  I am pleased to know this, and will undoubtedly tune in for the episode this Wednesday!

    I'm sad to know that Reality has been killed off, though.  He became my favorite character with only one episode.

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