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Blanket Jackson was seen in "The Jeffersons," when he and his father Michael Jackson, under the alias "Mr. Jefferson", move to the neighborhood. He wore a mask constantly; however, at the end of "The Jeffersons", his father lets him take off. He reveals he is a test-tube baby and never knew his mother.


Blanket is wearing a small black tuxedo, a gray shirt, a yellow vest, black pants, and spats. He also dons a mask or veil up until the last few minutes of "The Jeffersons."


Blanket is friendly, caring, outgoing, curious and childish. He appears to be more mature than his father, who wants to pretend to be a child, and Blanket wants a regular father/son relationship instead.


  • Blanket is clearly based on Michael Jackson's real son Prince Michael Jackson II, although he is more Caucasian than he is in real life.
  • Blanket legally changed his name to Bigi to avoid being harassed at school.


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