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For other uses, see Bill (disambiguation).

Billy Mays was an American salesman who appeared in the Season Thirteen episode, "Dead Celebrities". He was known for his loud, impassioned sales pitches, which many people held to be incredibly annoying.


Billy Mays died in 2009 and his ghost haunted Ike Broflovski. His ghost is constantly advertising different products, including Chipotlaway. He appeared in the episode "Dead Celebrities", where Eric Cartman appeared to be very passionate about his commercials and products.

The other dead celebrities on the purgatory plane were constantly annoyed by his passionate selling of his products, even though he was dead. After Michael Jackson accepted his death, he and the other passengers expressed their dismay as the purgatory plane went to its designated location: Hell. Billy now resides in Hell, and is unlikely to return again.


  • Billy Mays to Patrick Swayze: "With just two easy steps, I can climb over these seats and kick you right in the fucking balls!" from "Dead Celebrities".


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