Bill Clinton's Gentleman's Club is a group made of two men named Bill, seen in the Season Twenty episode "Oh, Jeez".


PC Principal introduces the only man who can help heal the divide in the country, former US President and husband to Presidential candidate Turd Sandwich, Bill Clinton and retired comedian-actor Bill Cosby. Bill Clinton asks the male students at the assembly to join his gentleman's club and performs a song and dance routine with Bill Cosby.


Bill Clinton: I'm Bill.
Bill Cosby: And I'm Bill.
Both: And together we're Bill & Bill.

Two Birds of a feather coming to your school
Gonna show you all about what gentlemen do
And your not quite sure how you feel
Go ask Bill and Bill.

Bill Clinton: Say, Bill?
Bill Cosby: Yes, Bill?
Bill Clinton: Would you like to join my gentleman's club?
Bill Cosby: You know I would Bill.

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