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The Biggest Douche in the Universe Committee appears in the Season Six episode, "The Biggest Douche in the Universe".


Stan Marsh and John Edward are about to have a psychic showdown on his TV show "Crossing Over". After learning John's tricks on how to perform "cold reading" techniques, Stan is out to prove the psychic medium is a fraud. John believes his powers are real and wants to get back at him for trying to embarrass him in front of his audience. Just as the show begins an alien spaceship crashes through the roof of the studio. Five aliens emerge and introduce themselves as the Biggest Douche in the Universe Committee, from the Jannex Galaxy.

The lead alien shakes John Edwards hand and tells him he is the first being from the Milky Way Galaxy to be nominated as the biggest douche in the universe. Despite John's protest, they lead him to the spaceship and take him to an awards ceremony, where he wins the aforementioned award.

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