The Bigfoot Field Researchers Organization is a small building for research by cryptozoologists, who specialize in the researching of mythical creatures. It appeared in the Season Sixteen episode, "Jewpacabra".


After deciding that Eric Cartman's video about the Jewpacabra might have actually been of a Jewpacabra, Mr. Billings and his staff, along with Cartman, visited the Bigfoot Field Researchers Organization for them to analyze the video.

Upon reviewing the video, the Bigfoot Researchers concluded that it was of a Jewpacabra, based on coincidental and circumstantial evidence.



The building is a small brick building with red mortar. There are two large glass windows flanking a set of glass double doors. On the large window is a green "BIGFOOT FIELD RESEARCH ORG." logo and on the doors are two smaller versions of the same logo. Above the doors and windows, there is a large, red sign with the buildings name in white. On the roof of the building are several satellite dishes and a security camera.


The interior of the building is plain, having teal colored walls, a dark gray ceiling, and a green tiled floor. Inside, there is a plethora of equipment and research on mythical creatures.

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