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For the background character, See Beth.

Beth worked as Cartman's "bitch". She made her only appearance in "Miss Teacher Bangs a Boy", and she doesn't have a speaking role. She is a part of Cartman's hall monitor group which parodies Dog the Bounty Hunter.


Beth's body shape is similar to Cartman's. She appears to have defined eyebrows, no eyes and what resembles big lips on her face. She has long blond hair and massive breasts covering her mouth. She wears a black shirt, gray pants, and a pink bra. She has short, stubby hands that rise above her head.


She does not have a distinguishable persona, as she has never had any speaking roles. It is implied that she is somewhat cruel, as she was not against bear macing people without reason, when ordered to. She may be somewhat intelligent, as she was able to track down Ms. Stevenson's hotel room and Travelocity account.

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