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The Bay of Pigs Memorial Dance is a dance that Kyle Broflovski took Rebecca Cotswolds to in Hooked on Monkey Phonics. It is set at South Park Elementary.


When Kyle falls in love with Rebecca, he decides to ask her to this dance. He also teaches her about kissing, turning her into a whore. She kisses many of the boys at the dance, including Pip and Butters.

The other boys use the dance for another reason. They plan to duct tape Mark to the flagpole. At the same time, Jimbo and the dads decide to duct tape Mr. Cotswolds to the flagpole.

After Mark finds Kyle has inadvertently turned Rebecca into a whore, he beats him up. The boys then decide he is cool, and allow him into the gang. Mark then gives a speech about public school and Mr. Cotswolds allow them to stay at public school. The dads then duct tape Mr. Cotswolds to the flagpole.


  • The band Dio played at the memorial dance.
  • The dance is named after an unsuccessful attempt by a CIA-trained force of Cuban exiles to invade southern Cuba.