The Battle of Tamarack Hill took place on November 24th, 1862. Just outside of South Park, CO, the Union Army fought the Confederacy for the large bell on Tamarack Hill. After several hours and many deaths, the Union prevailed.


During the events of "The Red Badge of Gayness", the townsfolk honored the American Civil War by staging an annual reenactment of the battle at the historic site. The battle is recreated with replica costumes and prop guns. The battle was supposed to be won by the Northern Union, in blue, and the Southern Confederacy, in grey, were to be defeated. However, copious consumption of Jagerman's S'more-flavored Schnapps and Eric Cartman's manipulation led to an unexpected Confederate victory, which would set the precedent for Cartman's further nationwide campaign.


  • The Union never actually fought the Confederates in the state of Colorado.
  • The Flag used to represent the Union side is actually not the Union flag at all. It is the first National Flag of the Confederacy, more commonly known as the Stars and Bars.

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